Health Changes?
Stay Compleat

Compleat is an ethical eating app for individuals with health conditions. We take your dietary restrictions and health concerns to create a customized list of recipes, ingredients, and brands made just for you.

The compleat rundown

The app is meant to help those with health conditions maintain or start an ethical eating lifestyle by giving them recipes and ethical brand recommendations. The app will provide the user recommendations on recipes based off of the food list best suited for their health condition. As well as allow the user to customize their food list to their dietary needs and provide them information on ethical brands based off their compiled choices.

No meat and still compleat

Compleat makes sure that you never let your health condition deteriorate because of your lack of knowledge on ethical brands and products. We make sure to track your ingredients in your shopping list to bring you an updated and customized alternative to your diet restrictions. Compleat ensures that you are fulfilled with your ethical needs and filled with healthy food choices.

Recipes for success

With a user's customized health condition, health concerns, and diet restrictions documented we give you the best recipes for your needs. There is no need for you to worry about maintaining a healthy diet or choosing the right product and cooking the right amount. With compleat we pull ingredients and serving sizes to help you manage your health. We also provide you with a list of ethical products that you can add before during or after shopping to help you with a rounded diet.

Food for thought

With Compleat there is a thinking process for the brands suggested and the correlation to the ingredients placed in your recipe. Its a thought process we happily do so you don't have to. Whether you want to save your favorite brands or search and scan for products in the grocery store Compleat is for you. We rate the ethics of a brand based on their policy on animal care and care of ingredients. Thoughtful brands for thoughtful individuals with restricted diets.